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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 2, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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seconds. gorilla mama. it's hard to imagine anyone who couldn't love this face. but gladis the gorilla was rejected by her birth mother after being born texas zoo. human surrogates nurtured gladis, even dressing up in faux fur costumes, while searching for an adoptive mother. and a 31-year-old gorilla at the cincinnati zoo has come to the rescue. controversial concert. happy birthday, mr. president. ever since marilyn monroe gave the song a sexy makeover for jfk -- ♪ happy birthday, mr. president ♪ -- it's become a racy right of passage for commanders in chief. at a concert in turkmenistan on saturday night singer jennifer lopez was asked to wish the president happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday, mr. president ♪ but she probably wishes she'd done her homework before obli obliging. human rights watch called the turkmenistan government highly corrupt and slammed lopez for the singing snafu.her spokesmang
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"had there been knowledge of human rights issues of any kind, jennifer would not have attended." no word yet on whether she'skee. reportedly more than a million dollars. thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight news, and tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow. and as always, we are online at good night, america.
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>> san francisco bridge moving briskly tonight after trying day for commuters. >> i feel in like these people are spoiled and they need to get back to work. >>reporter: mean time bart and the union are not negotiating. not even talking so commuters prepare to spend another day crowding on to ferry buses and freeways. in other words, another mess. good evening. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we have team coverage for you tonight. 7 news reporter john and lillian are in san francisco. >> but we begin with allen who just spoke to both unions and bart tonight. >> flt transit union which is located in downtown oakland has been meeting with the attorneys tonight but they say the next move has to come from bart. union members from atu and still on the picket line tonight. but bart says it is negotiating team went home around 7:00 o'clock. they say
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they are waiting for the union next month. -- move. both union marched in san francisco demanding fair bargaining practice. on saturday bart they one percent in each of the next 4 years. also lowered employee pension contribution and the health care cost. last night the union looked at it andthe tt unclear if either side knows who is turn it is to make the next move. >> get back to negotiations. we have not heard st from our group or the immediate 88 tor. >> they are saying we are waiting c to contact us. >> we left proposal with them on saturday evening. made it clear to them that this was our counter to their pro that we expected a response from them. they acknowledged that then told us we have nothing left to discuss with you tonight. >> this is not the first time we have seen this type of miscommunication. tonight it's just typical example of what we
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have been seeing in the negotiations that is have been taking place thus far. so no meeting scheduled between these 2 sides tomorrow morning so the strike will continue. i'm reporting live in oakland. 7 news. >> of thanks. now crush of cars and frustrated commuters pack city streets in san francisco. here's a lack at tonight commute from sky 7 hd. drive out of the city this evening require patients and some extra time. some drivers complain it took twice the normal time for them to get home. lillian joins us now live from the transbay terminal in san francisco lillian. >> things have finally settled down here at the transbay terminal. lines have been quite long all day adding hours to the commute home. >> commuters who thought going home after quitting time would spare a long wait were mistaken. lines spilled on to the sidewalk just lick they had all afternoon. >> i think i probably take this for granted up to now because
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it's such a good service. the bring it back please. >> extra ac transit workers were called in to manage the crowd. each bus heading to the east bay filled to capacity. >> first bus will probably be fun. vtv wait another 45 minutes. >> how long do you think thinks going to add on. >> 2 to 3 hours. just to go to lake merritt. >> casual car pooler long wait as well despite the fact that 2 temporary stops added near the transbay term nature. people cutting. nobody is like running in the street. so it makes it difficult. >> transportation officials urge people to tell commute if they k.people who had the option went to work any way say today was one big mistake. >> tomorrow fears difficult of my vacation so i want to spend one last day in the office. >> you regret making that decision. >> absolutely i should have stayed home. >> commuters wonder if tomorrow is any better. many say it's hard to get anything done while the bart striking is going on. >> just worrying about getting home. kind of ringing like i'm late today. leaving early
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because you want to catch the bus. >> as you saw ac transit workers areoday despite the fact that their contract expired last night. they say if they go on strike they will give 24 hour notice so at least we know that ac transit buses will be in operation again tomorrow. good news for commuters. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. help with the commute bart is providing 18 more charter buses tomorrow. that's double the number of buses provided today. pick up time from 5:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. at the west oakland bart station. parking and round trip ticket are free. buses pick commuters up with round trip ticket tomorrow night at the transbay terminal in san francisco from 3 until 7. >> ferry service is expected to be packed again tomorrow. additional runs added to accommodate the crowd. last ferry of the evening shuttle commuter home tonight. john was there and live for us now at san francisco ferry building
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situation. here we go again. tomorrow first ferry scheduled to leave at 6:00 a.m. today some ferry were running 15 minutes late and lines so long that some passengers had to wait for the next boat to arrive but the crowd finally thinned out earlier tonight. >> come on. >> oakland. last boat of the day exploratorium bay ferry service ended the day the way it began with passengers in big hurry to wait in line. >> schedule tomorrow from the strike. strike schedule continues tomorrow. >> last ferry to the east bay pulled out of san francisco before 8:30 tonight. >> trying to figure outgoing to make it to this on time. when i say make to it this i talk about this ferry writ here. >> we were overhead as people waited in long lines around the embarcadero from the trip home. estimated 8,000 riders tonight about three times more than normal. many riders are already picking sides in the labor dispute. some favoring
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union workers. >> it's simple. just trying to get the best deal for their them and their family. they have a little leverage. >> not often in life you have a little leverage. >> others side with bart management. >> as employee we pay 600 dollars for our benefit and how much the employee they don't want to pay anything. >> once again in the morning jam packed ferry making extra runs between the east bay and san francisco. john abc 7 new news. >> parking was also an issue in downtown san francisco. of course especially for those who showed up near the end of the commute when so many cars had already made it into the city. we saw several lot put up the full sign by 8a that's almost 3 hours earlier than a regular day. no room at the inn. parking rate in the financial district average 30 dollars a day. now one thick we notice during the height of the commute was this. just how
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empty the center fast track lanes were. >> video ran 7:30 this morning. lack of traffic was probably because of the high number of birth riders who jumped in the car preventing drivers with fast track from getting to the lanes. now anyone using the bridge is encouraged to saint up for father track. >> bart strike not only costing many commuters time the public policy advocate group bay area counsel says dispute cost the bay area 73 million dollars day a day in lost work product. >> estimate doesn't include other losses such as employee spendinging less because they are working from home. >> new we are going to move open in a moment. before we do we put together a full list of resource for the drive tomorrow. >> real tim traffic map for you as well as information open vir us commute options and place to down load the exclusive abc 7 news way traffic app to help you navigate the highway. >> it's on our web site and morning news crew will be on half hour early again tomorrow.
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>> the we are on from 4 a.m. until 7 or longer if need be. we have to see. >> bay area is headed for another day of sweltering heat. tomorrow could be the hottest yet of this hot spell. quite warm in many l area around the bay area. sandy is here with live doppler 7 hd. burning up yet. >> i tell what you it's still lake you said warm outside. nothing in comparison to how hot tomorrow. right now you notice high clouds around to go to the graphic. we also have patchy fog around and see it here. the cloud are just going to raise the humidity of tonight tonight and hold the temperatures up a little more. today high pressure up to 104 degrees in antioch. fairfield livermore 107 clover dale up to 97 in santa rosa redwood city 92 in san jose. 79 san francisco. 82 in oakland.
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only 66 half moon bay. excessive heat warning remains in effect for most of the bay area 7:00 p.m. risk of heat related illness back to let you know when release is coming in a few minutes. >> all right thank you sandhya. >> we have new video tonight of brush fire east of concord that crew had a difficult time containing because of strong winds. it started around 1:30 this afternoon and firefighters thought they had it contained earlier this evening but jumps the line. fire spread to more 4 90 acres and destroyed 2 sheds and pwavrment it is now fully contained. nobody was hurt. >> all right because of the heat pg&e issued nrebltion alert for tomorrow to conserve energy from noon to 7:00 p.m. officials say the hot weather is over taxing the power grid and could lead to blackout if power lines are threatened by fire or if a power plant is suddenly forced off line. they anticipate peak energy demand of about 47 and a half,000 meg watt today. about thought in
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perspective. the record mega watt use a little over 50,000. that was set in 2006. inching very close to that record. >> still the come at 11. arizona fire and outpouring of grief and support after the unimaginable tragedy. >> also getting married. turn out on this first day of gay weddings in south basement and the gift worth millions. man who just gave more money than anyone alive
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪
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you. >> more than 1,000 people came out tonight in central arizona to honor 19 firefighters who
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died in the line of duty. 4 of them from southern california. they were battling a ferocious wildfire hour or so from phoenix when they were suddenly overrun by the flames. abc news reporter brandy hit is in prescott. >> these were the best. porter:f >>reporter: first of many planned memorial services was held monday night in prescott, arizona. for 19 brave firefighters who died battling a wildfire in the nearby yarnell hills. earlier funeral procession brought the body to the moivrmingt robert caldwell 23. the youngamong the youngest 21-year-old kevin if what it, and 26-year-old shawn wise interhis wife pregnant and 29-year-old andrew ashcroft has 4 little kids. >> he gave all for his job and doesn't even compare to what he gave to his family. only one of the firefighters in the group survived. elite
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firefighters were members of the granite mountain hot shot. called hot shot because they are trained to go to the hottest part of the fire. that's what they did sunday afternoon when flames 20 feet high driven by gale force themis circle them in an area as dry as a tinder box. >> it's explosive and it is a killer. dangerous. >>reporter: wall of fire raced towards them the squad deploy the shelter as last ditch effort. but the little tent only protect against flames up to 500 degrees. inferno was more powerful. reinforcement arrive monday to bring the lightning if wildfire under control. burned dozens of homes as it continues to sprea spread. prescott, arizona. >> about county man suspected of murdering his parents found dead at home on ridge view drive sunday. 71-year-old henderson killed after hit by a
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car. 68-year-old wife edith died after being attacked. police found the son 39-year-old james henderson hiding in neighbor yard. arrested. police not sure what led to the killings. >> some newlywed same sex couple celebrating tonight in santa clara county. county began issuing marriage license to same sex couple today. people line up early board of supervisor president ken yager gay himself officiated while the wedding rush in san francisco subside add bit interestingly. 40 ceremony took place in the rotunda today. couple new need an appointment to get marriage license in san francisco and booked until july 16. >> stanford university alum given the school the largest gift made by living person. school announce ka that john is donating 151 million dollars to university. attended stanford on scholarship in 1955 and worked 6 part-time jobs to put himself through school. made the fortune in real estate. several campus buildings are
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already named after him. is he had previously donated 100 million dollars to the school. >> that is something else. >> beginning today the watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. watch abc new way to experience abc any time anywhere whether at home or out and about. enjoy your favorite abc 7 newscast. tv show. sports. on the smart phone tablet or computer live and on demand. it's special new benefit brought to you by abc comcast charter communication and at&t at no additional cost. go to our web site to find out how to access watch abc just enter the tv provider account information to log in watch abct the watch c live stream or search watch abc to down load the app. pardon me it's that simple. >> very cool technology. >> lets check in on the forecast right now. still going to be warm. >> zappedia is using all the
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technology in the weather center to figure this out. >> we are baking in triple digit heat again tomorrow so this heat wave is going to continue and doesn't lack like it will break until the middle of the week. as you look at live doppler 7hd and we have the coolest of technology hay cloud move in and patchy fog around half moon bay and visibility dropped to 5 miles. our camera looking towards the financial district and we have seen patches of fog moving in and out here are the temperatures. 58 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland 65 check out san jose. of 71 degrees right now. as you look at the view from the sutro camera. lacking towards downtown san francisco sparkling tonight and still pretty warm. santa rosa 67 degrees. check out fairfield. 77. livermore this is 82 degrees. kind of temperature you expect in the afternoon so we are really hanging on to some of the heat from earlier today. high definition emeryville camera. pretty good
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visibility across the bay. excessive heat through wednesday. hot is day tomorrow and cooling begins bit end of the week. i think many will be ready by then as you look at the pacific satellite picture here's what is bringing us the hot weather. it's the air mass over the desert south west shifted west ward hot weather will continue right on through wednesday with temperatures still in the triple digit for inland community. add to that occasional high clouds moving in from the south and you have yourself a little bit of a humid tud tuesday afternoon in the sierra nevada and could see more thunderstorms developing much like today. overnight temperatures on the warm side. inland spots in the low 70's. livermore antioch 60's right around the bay here and peninsula. coastal spot in the mid upper 50's. so first thing in the morning you will sea some fog along the coast. leave the jacket or coat behind occasional high clouds. definitely not great sleeping weather for those of you who don't have air conditioning tomorrow afternoon going to get cooking again in the south bay
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100 in los gatos. 96 in san jose. 82 santa cruz. peninsula mid 90's redwood city palo alto mountain view if you don't like the heat all you have to do is head to the beach. this is going to be a warm day for half moon bay. 72 degrees but still not kuwait the triple digit inland spots. downtown san francisco coming up. 80 degrees tomorrow. 72 sunset district and in the north bay you will see occasional high clouds 100 in santa rosa. 105 in clear lake. 100 in napa. 70's along the coast and head out to the east bay you will be on the warm side. 86 oakland. 92 union city. inland spots plenty of triple digit hear. 105 in livermore. 104 in walnut cree creek. you don't like it steamy just wait. it will get cooler. numbers will start to fall for the fourth of july only 100 inland. i say only. upper 60's coast side. cooling really gets under way by friday. low 90's inland mid 60's coast and by the wean it's
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back to where we should be for this time of year. fourth of july faishtion forecast looking great if the fog goes away. >> thanks. >> struggle for the giants 10. >> yes. mike is in for larry tonight. >> giants start mother of july with yet another loss and ideal are stef and dwight hangind outy and out a gym in l.a? and out a gym in l.a? free agency has begun
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ism giants june swoon seeped into july. ended 6 game lasting streak yesterday against the rockies but the red started another day. with all that said trail arizona by 3
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games if the west. kick on the hill. finding out how good major league hitter are. todd frasier. 2nd inning rbi single. sandoval playing in with runners at second and third and robinson chopper over the head and score nothing. frasier 2 men on. see you. second deck 3 run shot. 4 rbi. frasier 7 nothing red. 2 and third gave up 7 unearned run. 9th home run of the year exploratorium on the bore. the only run up for the giants all night. massive downpour ended this one. 8-1 the final. lost 7 of theless 8. >> shocking upset at wimbledon. serena had career high 34 match win streak coming into fourth round match against germany player. receives lacking for the sixth single title going to have to wait until next year. first game set sum up the day for
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convenient a.easy overhead all the time in the world and puts it right in the net. first se set. serena wins second and break in third. 3-1. back live. break again at 4-2. then 4 games. serena on the run. drop volley. serena there forehand winner right down. match point. that the open court. forehand winner. 6-2. serena ousted in the round of 16. murray moving on to the quarter final at the u.s. open champ took care in straight set. early in the second set. rally from the tie breaker. back hand winner cross court to take the set. take the third set and become first british man since perry in 1936 to win this event. vehiclevich advance. >> multiple reports saying that dwight howard met with the warriors rocket and hawk today
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next the were your guard curry at gym in l.a. could mean something. could mean nothing. free agency talk again today but july 10 hottest prospect out there. brought to you by riff rock casino warrior won but i'm sure andrew sits at home going what? hasn't tweeingted yet. hasn't tweeingted yet. >> stay with us. birth ñzñprprt
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>> brush fire burning near children park now under control in oakland. >> yes started at 9:20 and the fair spread slowly but reached 10 acres before firefighters got it under control. is of cour hot weather not
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hear now with look at the wake up weather. >> patchy fog at the coast first thing in the morning. occasional high clouds mild warm start. temperatures will be in the mid 50's to low 70's at 5 and 8:00 a.m. already getting warm. mick tracking the heat wave tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> all right thanks. >> bart negotiations have stalled an it's not clear when they resume. >> that means another rough commute tomorrow morning. tonight bart announced 18 extra bus will pick up commuters. >> round trim ticket parking free lets head to our web site to navigate the bay why are and link on the top of our home page and join us for a special early broadcast morning news starting at 4 a.m. >> that does it for this edition of 7 news i'm carolyn johnson.
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rocket fuel may have been released. carrying three satellites for russia's global navigation system. no word on what caused the rocket to crash.
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that is striking. >> ooh that is a scary video, no matter what caused that. >> coming up, inspiring journey of a gifted athlete faced with a debilitating diagnosis and how he is achieving more than he thought possible. >> if you are up with us at this hour. you can relate. lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight. now researchers know why. you're watching "world news now". ♪ i wonder should i get up and fix myself a drink ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather -- brought to you by consumer cellular. r.


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